Abbey Callaway

Fine Artist


Over the past nine years, Abbey has developed a new style of mixed media that has become the focal point of her portfolio. The artwork Abbey creates is a mixture of modeling paste, acrylic paint, and watercolor painting. The secret behind her effort is the precise handling of the materials and the visual effects created, which give her art a realistic yet abstract appearance. She has been working with imagery of marine wild life most recently, primarily various species of fish and sea turtles. 

Abbey's objective is to create excitement over single subjects using vivid colors and three dimensional textures, complimenting or blending them into the watercolor image. She tends to make her fish animated but use realistic details to capture specific species of which the work is based. Her finished work exhibits lifelike, fluid motion due to the optical illusion created by the abstract colors and textured canvas. This personified approach results in unique pieces that represent her passion and respect for all aquatic life.